Electronic Medical Records

PatientBooks is electronic-medical-record and scheduling-system software. This easy and secure clinic management software lets you manage every important aspect of your clinic, including fully encrypted and protected patient medical records system, accounting and billing system, vendors and inventory database and classifications, vast medical knowledgebase in Chinese medicine, new ICD10 insurance codes with complete description. All combined with a flexible appointments scheduling system.

Once PatientBooks is started, the main view is the general work area visible. It is designed to be as easy and as intuitive as possible, but it is important to get familiar with the various options in order to feel comfortable with the software and make the most out of it.

Patients Management:
Add or edit patient information, session information, SOAP notes and more. Use comprehensive questionnaire capabilities to understand and manage your patient’s health history and progress. Instant Stems & Branches analysis chart for any patient.
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Create and manage appointments for patients in a rich and familiar Outlook-like environment. View appointments in the most convenient layout: by date, rooms or by physicians. Instantaneous calculation of open meridians and points for any time - know when to use the right tool for the patient.
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Create your patients’ invoices, payments and insurance invoices. Manage invoices and payments for any patient by type or date range. Easily use any CPT codes, ICD9 codes, ICD10 codes from internally included lists, use inventory items list, or just free text option when creating a new invoice.
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Inventory & Vendors:
Manage your vendors and inventory items in a painless yet powerful way. Create purchase orders, receive items and generate payment forms. Add or edit vendor’s information and inventory items, keeping track of stock costs and sales. Organize items formats and categories for efficient use.
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International Classification of Diseases, latest revision, clinical modification (ICD-10-CM): use the complete ICD10 list incorporated into the product! With more than 90,000 codes along with notes, includes, excludes and more. Easily accessed within cms1500 forms and within invoices.
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A vast and wide-ranging information store in all areas of Chinese Medicine. An active referral system among the various indexes, allowing for the retrieval of extensive and accurate data. Smart navigation capabilities exposing the user to the largest amount of data in the clearest and most intuitive manner.
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In PatientBooks some of the reports are available directly by printing or viewing the existing tables in each window. Others are collected in the report section on the Reports & Tools window.
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